The FORCE/WALC for Orthopedic Surgery

Ghana, like many developing countries, desperately needs a lasting medical presence that will address health problems for the long haul.  The FORCE/WALC for Orthopedic Surgery will be that presence in Ghana.  Click here to watch a short video about the FORCE/WALC Orthopedic Center.


iStock_000001494205Medium_broken_femurSince its independent in 1957, Ghana has struggled with poverty and outdated beliefs regarding illness which keep many from proper medical care.  Consequently, many people in Ghana must suffer with little or no hope of recovery from disorders and injuries that we in the West find relatively easy to care for and cure.  An article by a former orthopedic surgeon at the Ghana Medical School noted that between 1974 and 1997 only four orthopedic surgeons had been trained in his country.  Another report lamented the limited access to orthopedic services and few orthopedic surgeons in Ghana in particular.  It is estimated that there are currently only 15 trained orthopedic surgeons across the country, or roughly one for every 1.5 million people.

Making matters worse, working conditions for Ghana’s poor are dangerous, and injuries, such as a broken arm or leg, often get little to no skilled treatment.  Tragically the result is that many suffer from ongoing pain, deformity, amputation or even death from their injuries.  Ghana, like many developing countries, desperately needs a lasting, growing medical presence that will not only work in country for a short period, but establish an ongoing presence of caregivers, clinics, hospitals, operating rooms and outreach programs to sustain care for years to come.  Eventually, educated and well-trained local physicians and medical personnel will be needed to carry on into the future.    Tribesmen_10X6

Medicus Christi has already taken the first steps to address Ghana’s critical shortage of medical personnel by planning to build The Franciscan Orthopedic and Rehabilitation CEnter(F.O.R.C.E.) at Holy Family Hospital and The West African Learning Center(W.A.L.C.) for Orthopedic Surgery.  These two facilities together will offer state-of-the-art care as well as training for African physicians to become the next generation of orthopedic specialists.  The FORCE/WALC for Orthopedic Surgery will be located in The Diocese of Sunyani, Ghana at the Holy Family Hospital in the village of Berekum. When complete, the facility will be the largest orthopedic hospital in Africa and the only specialist learning center of its kind in the Developing World.  It will staffed by local medical personnel, supported by Medicus Christi volunteers.  Within three years, the Center will begin training personnel for Africa’s future.

Working with a number of private, corporate and governmental agencies, Medicus Christi plans to break ground on the FORCE/WALC soon.  To find out more about opportunities to get involved with this exciting and historic project, contact us at