Our Model of Medical Development for the Underserved


Medicus Christi was established to improve the medical care of impoverished and underserved peoples of the developing world. However, MC was not designed merely as a medical relief agency alone. Instead, it aims to improve the capacity of these impoverished areas and advance their own delivery of these medical services autonomously and for the long run.  Towards this end, the Medicus Christi is aggressively working to establish a medical orthopedic presence within Ghana.  Breaking ground in 2016, Medicus Christi is overseeing the building of an orthopedic treatment, rehabilitation, and training center in the Sunyani Diocese of Ghana.  Called the Franciscan Orthopedic and Rehabilitation CEnter (F.O.R.C.E.) at Holy Family Hospital, and The West African Learning Center (W.A.L.C.) for Orthopedic Surgery.  The FORCE/WALC facility will offer state-of-the-art care as well as training African physicians to become the next generation of orthopedic specialists.

To make the FORCE/WALC facility a reality, Medicus Christi, in conjunction with the Diocese of Sunyani and the Holy Family Hospital and Nursing School in Berekum, is pursuing the following activities within the year 2016:

1. Breaking ground on the building program for the initial FORCE/WALC outpatient facility at the Holy Family Hospital in Berekum, Ghana (This site was chosen for its central location, well established and efficient administration and capacity for future expansion). Note that the FORCE/WALC facility will initially share OR, ER and inpatient bed space with the Holy Family Hospital and grow in stages. Over time a fully independent Orthopedic and Rehabilitation hospital center will be created as funding and capacity permit.

2. Import equipment and supplies to outfit that orthopedic treatment facility.

3. Hire appropriate personnel to staff a fully functional orthopedic treatment and rehabilitation center including orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, nurses and medical technicians.

4. Develop an academic program to train additional orthopedic specialists, surgeons, nurses, therapists and technicians.

5. Support a series of volunteer mission groups to assist in the implementation of modern orthopedic technology and techniques and supplement the training staff of the native teaching specialists working full time on site.

6. Begin a series of internet based training lectures (webinars) to supplement the on-site teaching program.

7. Establish a state-of-the-art laboratory facility with equipment to train orthopedic specialists on the latest surgical techniques and machinery.

8. Assemble an up-to-date library and computer/internet resource center.

9. Hold a series of continuing medical education courses and seminars and serve as an educational resource to orthopedic specialists from throughout the African Region.

If you would like to know about any part of the soon-to-be FORCE/WALC facility, please contact us at MarottaGhana@aol.com

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