Ghana_blueLocated on the West coast of Africa, the nation of Ghana has suffered through many generations of civil strife and political upheaval.  Controlled by the Portuguese, Dutch, and eventually the British, Ghana was used for decades as a major export point for gold and slaves to the New World.  Independent since 1957, Ghana struggles with poverty and outdated beliefs regarding illness that keep many from proper medical care.  Consequently, many people in Ghana must suffer with little or no hope of recovery from disorders and injuries that we in the West find relatively easy to care for and cure.  An article by a former orthopedic surgeon at the Ghana Medical School noted that between 1974 and 1997 only four orthopedic surgeons had been trained in his country.  Another report lamented the limited access to orthopedic services and few orthopedic surgeons in Ghana in particular.  It is estimated that there are currently only 15 trained orthopedic surgeons across the country, or roughly one for every 1.5 million people.