The Medicus Christi BlessingCardinal_Tukson_987

The following Blessing was written by Cardinal Peter Turkson and Father Kofi Ntsiful-Amissah:

Blessed are You, O God, Our Father.

Through your Son, You commanded Your people who walk in the newness of lifeĀ  to care compassionately for the sick and injured.

By the grace of Your Holy Spirit,

make Medicus Christi an instrument of Blessing and Love and an opportunity:

for physicians to practice the art of healing wisely;

for nurses, aides and families to serve the sick with care:

and for the faithful to come visit with Christ in the person of their brothers and sisters.

Grant that all will benefit from a healthy life andĀ 

joyfully thank you for the favors they have received

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.