About Us

Joe_Marotta_OR_3MC is a registered 501C3 non-profit organization established to improve the medical care of impoverished and underserved peoples of the developing world. MC aims to organize highly skilled and fully equipped medical teams from the United States for the provision of immediate care and training programs for permanent medical providers at the locations in need. MC’s first area identified for service is the Brong Ahafo region of the West African country of Ghana. By partnering with the established Catholic Hospital system of Ghana, MC is developing an orthopedic and rehabilitation center that will be located on the already existing expansive grounds of the Holy Family Hospital and Nursing School in the village of Berekum. This entity will be known as the Turkson Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Center Hospital (The T.O.R.C.H.), and The West African Learning Center (W.A.L.C.) for Orthopedic Surgery.  These two facilities together will offer state-of-the-art care as well as training for African physicians to become the next generation of orthopedic specialists.  Within three years, the TORCH/WALC Orthopedic Surgery will begin training personnel for a well-established network of Catholic hospitals and outreach clinics of West Africa.

The initial stage of the TORCH/WALC Orthopedic Surgery  project will include an expansive outpatient clinic and rehabilitation facility dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of bone and joint conditions.  The initial design will be such that expansion for additional services, buildings, operating rooms and inpatient capacity could be adapted easily in the future.